The First Post is the Hardest….

You’re probably thinking, “Oh great, another person with a blog on The T trying to give their two cents…” This is part true, however this opens a whole new avenue of blogging about The T, but first a little background on what this’ll be

My name is Jason and I’m an all-around transit fiend which is impressive since I grew up in rural Eastern New York. My first true ride on a Subway was on The T when I was 9; Kendall to Science Park, 01400 to a plug door Boeing LRV in the heat of summer. From there it grew as each trip I took to Boston inevitably ended up with some ride on The T to the point that my 9th Grade school picture had me wearing a t-shirt with the MBTA spider map! Once I hit college and adulthood, I began exploring the system further.

Fast forward to now. I’m about to move to the North Shore (for now) with my wife to be closer to her family and, well, because Washington DC is a mirage and we both want out. After seeing the success that Em Hall’s Metro-Venture has done chronicling WMATA bus routes and rail stations made me wonder “Someone should do this for The T…” Add in some input from influential blog and two visible MBTA tweeters made creating this a slam-dunk.

What’s here for now is a bit spartan and barren until I settle down post-move, but I’ll put up some reviews though without pictures and some other pieces. Four years dealing with a WMATA system in decline that Bostonians love to death alone can give enough content as well as the pending Doomsday fare increases and service cuts and other stuff. Stay tuned!


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