Where do I go next?

Here’s the deal: Grad school courses ate up my last month and as of few hours ago I have 2.5 weeks of glorious freedom to try to find a job and a place to live before my nights and weekends are eaten up again. You’ll see tons of content to make up for lost time during this break especially to keep myself in the writing groove.

At the same time, I’m probably passing on an inner-express bus for September as yours truly will be traveling twice. Somewhere in there I get to mark “NASCAR Race” off the bucket list and celebrate my first anniversary. This means next week my August pass is my oyster and it’s up to YOU to give me suggestions of where I’d like to go. Leave your suggestion in the comments or tweet me. I respond to all tweets pretty quickly. So far I’m looking at the following

– Knocking one of the eleven stations I have not yet visited (Beachmont, Suffolk Downs, Orient Heights, Wood Island, Roxbury Crossing, Green Street, Savin Hill, Wollaston, Quincy Center, Quincy Adams, Braintree) off my list. Which one(s) are the most compelling? Which ones are worth a visit?

– The 220 bus from Quincy to Hingham. Your webmaster wants to see the hubbub over Wahlburgers and nearby is a place that sells Cheerwine, aka the best soda ever.

– The 34E down to Walpole, then a 1.5 mile walk to Walpole Commuter Rail, then back (the closest Big Y to Boston is on the path between the two and they did help on a final paper of mine!).

– The 136/137 up to Melrose, Wakefield, and Reading. Depending on how the cookie crumbles this could be a look into my future.

– The 62 and/or 76 to Lexington and Bedford.

– The 28. Because artics. And it can be swung into a ride on the High Speed Line at Mattapan, this time without rain or bitter cold.

– Possibly explore some more surface stops on the C and D lines. Given the schedule, it may also be time to do some of the B seeing how insane the B will be with BC and BU going back in session.

You can help the future of this blog. I’ll have a review up tomorrow morning for those who want that sort of stuff!


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