Wyoming Hill

If this review is rough, it’s because I’m doing it on the fly. I’m in Melrose today scouting out potential future neighbourhoods and I had the luck of catching the 9:38 to Reading this morning at Wyoming Hill. The southern of Melrose’s three stations, it serves a largely-residential area just south of the main commercial strip. This review has pictures below the jump.


We can get the Commuter rail to Wyoming but not to New Hampshire…


Train coming into the station. One person got off. Two were waiting out of frame for the next Boston-bound train.


The gated grade crossing at Wyoming Avenue.


Onward to Reading. The 136/137 buses a block away parallel the entire route this train will take.

Now to the station itself: Wyoming Hill is a unassuming station which serves the southern part of Melrose and is one of three Commuter Rail stations in that town (Cedar Park and Melrose Highlands the other two). The station is at the southern end of Melrose’s town center strip, one block west of Main Street in a largely residential area with some mom-and-pop businesses and up the road a gas station and the requisite Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s relatively close to Oak Grove (around a mile) and from the inbound platform Oak Grove can be seen faintly in the distance.

Station: Wyoming Hill
Rating (1-10): 6, subject to review

Ridership: I’ve taken the Haverhill Line during rush hour before (I have reviews for Wakefield and Reading in me, just wait!) and almost everyone using this station is coming  or going from North Station. With two other stations in Melrose and Oak Grove a

Pros: It’s a one-seat ride into Boston and with Cedar Park and Melrose Highlands most of the core of Melrose has some one-seat ride even if it seems redundant to some. It’s the Northside answer to Wellesley and Norwood, only without a college or an Automile. As for the area, Melrose is a nice slice of stereotypical New England for all the right reasons and is worth a visit for this alone.

Cons: This can use a mini-high, however considering that Melrose Highlands has one and Malden Center is full-high it isn’t all that necessary as it seems. Maybe some additional TLC.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Two small businesses with a longtime presence in the neighbourhood are within sight of the station. Cappa’s Trackside Cafe just north of the station has reportedly great food for very cheap (an egg & cheese sub with a choice of meat for $3!) and has had some great reviews. On Wyoming Ave is Heavenly Licks, a good local ice cream parlor.

I’ll revisit this down the road when/if I know when I’ll end up!


3 thoughts on “Wyoming Hill

  1. This is a cool little station, but it does come with some problems. If you’re going inbound in the morning, and you’re getting on a train from Haverhill (as opposed to a Reading shorturn), you are NOT getting a seat, unless you cram in to a three-seater with two others already in it. Standing isn’t very convenient in the commuter rail coaches, but it is 2 minutes (4 tops) to Malden Center, and then 10 minutes to Boston.

    Also, the area isn’t great, as it is flanked both to the east and west by subsidized/public housing projects. That said, even Melrose’s worst neighborhood is decent. Though it does seem to be a place for gangs of teens and possibly some drug dealing, though typically nothing worse than graffiti. Everything on Wyoming Ave itself is pretty nice, and everything north of that is typical Melrose.

    The shops and the little village center feel at the corner of Wyoming and Hurd is very nice. There’s also a backup: the 132 is *right there* and the 131, 136, and 137 are barely two blocks away. If they were to extend the Orange Line merely one station, replacing the commuter rail stop, the place would be booming. It’s on the less-successful end of Melrose’s downtown, but is primed and ready to flourish.

    • For a place with projects, that whole area is one of the hardest to rent in Greater Boston. When a nearly 100 year old building with old fixtures wants your life story and spotless everything to rent, something is very wrong.

      That said, extend the Orange Line to Wyoming and Cedar Park then push it over to Square One (or further) and both Melrose and Saugus would benefit big time. As a suburb in general, Melrose gets a lot less credit than it should and I think the lack of transit in contrast to, say, Arlington is part of why.

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