Proposal: 350 Limited

So, the last month on my end has been tumultuous. I moved from Saugus to Winchester concurrent with starting a new job in Burlington. Without going into detail, let’s just say that only getting an occasional ride on the 350 is the least of my worries lately but it means not much content to write about. Until today.

Getting off work, I walk the short distance to an inbound 350 stop to see a bunch of people waiting which is expected as it is a somewhat key stop (it has a shelter!). A bus comes by with a fully seated load and some standees and of the 45 or so passengers who were on when I boarded, all but a couple were still on when I got off about 15 minutes later. During my ride, I realized that a Limited version of the 350 would do wonders.

Having ridden the 350 many times, I’ve noticed that most people who board at Alewife ride until the corridor between the Crossroads and Burlington Mall with the reverse heading inbound with some in-between points getting some riders namely Arlington Center, Horn Pond Plaza, and Four Corners. Though this is a symptom of the gaping transit holes the Northwest suburbs have, there has to be something done to handle growing ridership. I think the solution may be to run a limited version of the 350 alternating with it as an overall service boost. Imagine a 350 which stopped only at the following

  • Alewife Station
  • Alewife Brook Parkway (Cambridge-Arlington Line)
  • Lake Street
  • Arlington Center
  • Winchester Country Club (Arlington-Winchester Line)
  • Church/High Streets
  • Horn Pond Plaza (Winchester-Woburn Line)
  • Woburn Four Corners
  • Lincoln Knoll Lane (Crossroads)
  • Wayside Road
  • Lahey Clinic
  • Northeast Executive Park
  • Burlington Mall
  • Northwest Park (not on the current 350 but with its redevelopment a future traffic generator)

I know that this often is what reality is for the 350 but it’d be a good thing to try especially with the 350 a route bursting at the seams. Let me know any feedback either in the comments or tweet me on Twitter. Be on the lookout for more proposals soon!


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