Proposal: Route 362 (Bedford-Downtown Express)

One of the most beloved parts of the transportation infrastructure of Greater Boston is the Minuteman Bikeway, the pioneering rail trail running along the former Lexington Branch between Alewife and Bedford. Though that branch had been in near-disuse for decades before its demise, to this day there is still a hole for one-seat service between Bedford, Lexington, and downtown Boston. Right now, many people take the drive into Alewife to park and take the Red Line with some hardy souls taking the 62 or 76 to connect and I think that there may be a market for an express bus or two linking the points.

On the Bedford end, the route I have an idea for is the 362 which would begin at the shopping center at the split of Routes 4/225 and 62 (why do you have two Great Road Shopping Centers, Bedford?), follow the current route of the 62 bus outside Route 128, run express on Routes 128 and 2 to Alewife, then work down Route 3 across the Charles to Storrow Drive eventually terminating downtown. If this sounds confusing, here’s the 362 illustrated in Google Maps form. Given the length of the 62, the lack of commuter rail, and for those who drive the lines getting out of Alewife’s garage, this could work the same way the 352, 354, or North Shore express routes work as a one-seat ride for an area without one otherwise.

If anyone has some input, please comment or Tweet me. I’m mulling the idea of routing this via I-93 or even the MassPike instead of bringing it through Cambridge as an Alewife stop may make this the first MBTA route with 3 fare buckets (Inner Express for Alewife, Outer for Downtown).


2 thoughts on “Proposal: Route 362 (Bedford-Downtown Express)

  1. Cool idea. Don’t forget, though. Buses (and trucks) don’t fit on Storrow Dr because of the overpasses and underpasses!

  2. I think this is a good proposal. However, you might want to consider routing the bus so that it stops at Haymarket for connections to the Green and Orange Lines, and other buses.

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