What Direction to Take?

It’s hard to write this post, but I feel that it may need to be done. The last two months have been a blur and a half for me for an assortment of reasons.

1: I began a new job. A job not in the urban core which made riding in with the wife an easier solution than transit. In fact, I haven’t been within the Boston city limits since around Columbus Day which means no chances to flesh out any content here.

2: I moved from Saugus to Winchester and almost immediately our new apartment turned into a disaster and I speak as one who has survived barely studios and being evicted for diplomats. This led to…

3: Moving from Winchester back to Saugus. Yes, I tried to lobby for Arlington or Melrose but urgency (the place in Winchester was REALLY bad) and price were restrictve. Yes, we’re near some fine donuts but if there was any town in the Northwest suburbs which needs its transit rebuilt from the ground up, it’s there.

4: I’m starting another new job in the same general area of the old one. 40 minutes dealing with 128 is better than 90 minutes on 2 express buses or doing a bus-train-train-bus tango.

Add in packing stuff to go, then unpacking, then repacking what had been unpacked, then unpacking again. Toss in a grad school half-quarter which Hades would feel bad for. One tablespoon of trying to get things back to normal and you have a reciepe for a blog stuck in flux.

I don’t want to say this may be going on hiatus, but I need something to write about here. How do you run a transit blog when you don’t really ride transit lately? Or should I put this on ice until a time when it’d be easier to write?


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