Three months later…

Yes, I’ve neglected this blog.

Yes, I did in fact move back to within a mile of where I was. Winchester has a HUGE problem with apartments of dubious legality.

Yes, I have hit some more stations. Somewhere in there there’s many stories about Pleasant Street which have grown. Achmed the Undead Terrorsist and a pack of NC State Wolfpack fans being two of them. There’s also a story about a dead Coke Freestyle machine.

No, I haven’t been compelled to blog. Too much going on personally. I’ll take a good entry level job in the human services field, preferably working with children and teenagers with special needs, if you have one.

My sacrifice for Lent is my Twitter accounts outside of @TheTAdventure. Doing this with the NHL back, College Hockey hitting the home stretch, and Spring Training might be a challenge. Besides focusing on life, I’d like to blog a little more. Seeing the hit counts for the last three months gives me hope.


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