State Transportation Building Mystery

Well, the week break between Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter turned out to be a week in which my mind was mostly mush so the reviews I wanted to do got pushed behind. That said, I have a mystery for some of y’all to solve

Lately I’ve ended up in the food court of the State Transportation Building a few times for lunch or whatever and a relevant repressed memory came up. I remember sometime in the 90s actually going up to the reception desk of MBTA headquarters and seeing a ton of maps and schedules for the taking; this may have been in conjunction with the aborted attempt to use the Ipswich-Rockport line from Salem back in ’96. Though I assume this ended when security concerns grew, how long was one able to do this?

That said, when they did the refurb of the food court they could’ve chucked the old late 70s/early 80s signage which makes me think I’m in a National Park or a Golden Girls rerun. If you’re going to rehab, rehab all the way!

Update (4/28/13): I totally forgot about the State Transportation Library on the second floor. I should go there sometime…


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