My name is Jason, and I’m on a mission. No, an adventure. More appropriately an adven(t)ure.

DC has MetroVenture which reviews bus routes and Metro stations and what is nearby. This will be doing the same for The T. This will also branch into transit in other cities and other MBTA matters from time to time.

Outside of transit, I love sports (Remember the Whale!), travel, my furry four-legged children, and getting whupped in miniature golf by my lovely wife which I then balance out in anything trivia related. I don’t like lettuce, South Florida, and Manitoba.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jason
    I was searching fro reviews of the Red Line High Speed tram. I cam across your sight. You seem to offer reviews of your experiences on the T. I have just bought a home near the Mattapan and the High Speed Line. No one i know seems to really know about travelling on it everyday. i love to take the MBTA to work, i hate to drive. i would like to take the High Speed line every day, but I am interested in knowing more about it if I can for when I start to comutte. I see you have taken it to get to the 30 and 31 buses, but you do not really review the High Speed line itself. Do you have any insight? Is it safe, is it very slow. What are the stations like. If you do not know, no worries, I was just interested and thought I would ask.
    Many Thanks

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