Busted Signal at Middle Earth

My trip home from Fenway on Monday night was nothing short of a debacle.

9:45ish PM: Get to Fenway Station, see train on outbound platform.
9:50 PM: After seeing lights in the distance a minute earlier, get on two-car train headed by 3714 heading inbound towards Government Center.
9:53 PM: Halfway between Fenway and Kenmore, train suddenly stops.
9:55 PM: Hear that there is a signal problem and that we’d be holding.
10:00 PM: Same. Half the train is already looking at their phones.
10:05 PM: No change, though now personnel is on the scene to fix the problem.
10:12 PM: We finally get moving, attempting to make up time along the way.
10:20ish: Find out our train is being turned at Park Street. Walk across platform and get on an oddly empty E, 369something, very rusted.
10:26 PM: Get off at North Station. See ad for Orange Line bustitution between Sullivan and Oak Grove. Realize that tonight is one of those nights. Darn.
10:30 PM: Get on Orange Line car 01234.
10:36 PM: Arrive Sullivan. Get in a stampede of people trying to make it to the shuttles which are run as a load-and-go operation, helped no doubt by Charlestown garage being right down the street.
10:37 PM: Internally laugh at Donut & Donuts still being there, thinking of a family member who calls Dunkin’ “D&D” (Dunk & Donuts?)
10:41 PM: Get on third bus so we could get a seat. 0670 which I’ve ridden everywhere from Haymarket to Burlington.
10:52 PM: Arrive Wellington. Joke that inbound shuttle bus “sure isn’t going all the way to Forest Hills.”
11:10 PM or so: Arrive home.

And yet this felt longer than many of the screwups I experienced back down in DC. Having a 75 minute bus-train commute at one point there does things.